Only pay for the appointments we book

We believe that licence fees (where you pay periodically, no matter how much you have used the product) don’t always offer good value. Instead, we have created an outcomes-based pricing model, so that you only pay us when we deliver something that you value: a booking.

This means lower risk for you, and it means the Appt team can rest assured that we are getting paid for something that our users really care about.

General Practice

For 1 Practice
excl. VAT per booking we make
  • Works for one target
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Customer support (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday)
  • All the training and support you need to get set up
  • All patient communication costs included
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PCN & Commissioner

For 2+ Practices

It isn’t just GP practices that care about effective preventive and public healthcare.

If you represent a commissioner (e.g. a local authority, a CCG or a STP) or a group of practices (a PCN or a federation) please get in touch with us directly and our friendly support team will help you get set up in all of the sites across your footprint.

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Why do you not have a licence fee pricing model like other healthcare IT providers?

We looked around the healthcare market and saw that lots of IT providers were less than transparent about their pricing. GPs might get a free trial, but then they are locked into a long-term contract, often with lots of hidden costs or add-ons. We don’t think that’s the fair way of doing business, which is why we’ve made our pricing as transparent as possible. appthealth will only charge you when we provide you with something you care about: a booking. But it is more than just clarity. We think this model is best for GPs because it means that our interests and yours are perfectly aligned: you want high uptake to hit your targets, we want high uptake to get paid for for the service we provide.

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How does appthealth outcome-based pricing work?

It is pretty simple; you only pay us for each patient that has been successfully booked in from the list of patients you upload to the appthealth portal.

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If a patient is invited but doesn’t book, do I still have to pay?

Nope. We only charge you for any patients we successfully book in. This means that if we invite a patient that doesn’t book in, you won’t be charged. It’s in our interests to make sure that all the patients we invite are aware of and can book in convenient slots, so out interests are aligned. That’s why we’re constantly seeking to improve patient experience.

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What does the price include?

In a nutshell, the price includes everything. It includes all patient communication costs (for those patients that book and those that don’t) and it includes all set-up and on-going support costs. That’s because with outcomes-based pricing, it is in our interests to get you up and running as quickly as possible, and to make sure you always have what you need to continue using appthealth’s service.

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If a patient books using appthealth but doesn’t attend the appointment, do I still have to pay?

Sadly, yes. With our current integration, it isn’t technically possible for appthealth to know if a patient we booked in, attended their appointment. That means we can’t accurately bill practices based on attendance. We want to make sure that our pricing fully aligns the interests of practices we serve and appthealth, which is why we’re working on making this a future part of our service. For what it is worth, we have evidence that an appointment booked through appthealth is more likely to be attended than an appointment booked through traditional call and recall.

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Are there any upfront costs?

There are none. Our pricing includes all upfront, set-up and on-going support costs.

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How much does a support package cost?

£0. Our pricing includes all upfront, set-up and on-going support costs.

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Are there any cancellation costs?

Nope. If you decide you no longer want to use appthealth’s service, you can simply stop using the service and we’ll stop charging you (because we will stop booking patients in and we only charge you for successful bookings). You can permanently cancel your account in just a couple of clicks in your account settings when you’re logged in to your management portal.