High uptake, without the hassle

Appt’s automated patient engagement tool makes it simple for primary care providers to achieve high uptake on immunisations, health screenings and periodic reviews.

Goodbye, manual patient recall.

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High uptake, without the hassle

Appt’s specialised patient engagement tool makes it simple for primary care providers to achieve high uptake for appointments that prevent ill-health.

Preventative health careAutomated call and recall

A patient recall system that fills your QOF & screening appointments while working in the background

Effortlessly hit practice targets and maximise your revenue

Appt’s optimised invitations make it easy for you to get patients into appointments that earn you money. Meaning you'll have more resources to use at your practice.

"The service has been wonderful in increasing uptake of NHS health checks, reducing the admin time around it and providing a better more convenient service to the patients."

Dimitri Bakanov

Practice Manager at Heathway Medical Centre, London

engage patients in prevention
Noticeably improve health outcomes for the patients you care for

Improved patient access mean high booking rates for preventive care appointments that help people to live longer and healthier lives.

automated GP practice
automated preventative healthcare

Noticeably improve health outcomes for the patients you care for

Improved patient access and persuasive invitations mean high booking rates for appointments that prevent ill-health.

"We've started to see patients at health check's that we've never seen before. Appt has become an important way for us to engage patients in screening programmes that actively save their lives."

James Vaga

GP at White House Medical Centre, London

Make more time for human interaction by automating call and recall

Appt automatically runs your recall for specific clinical patient groups at scale. You'll no longer have to put off patient recall when you're too busy.

“Appt saved me and the reception team a lot of time. It was so useful to not have to worry about getting patients in to meet QOF & immunisation targets. We've sent fewer letters this year than ever before."

Kam Sahota

Practice Manager, King Edwards Medical Centre, London

Improve GP practice income

Compared to your existing recall

Traditional recall methods

Appt's automated patient recall

Patient experience

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Patients call the practice to book, cancel and reschedule appointments, wasting staff time
A tick
Patients easily book and reschedule through automated systems, saving everyone valuable time

Practice productivity

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Hitting practice targets requires constant attention and time-consuming administration
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Invitations and bookings are fully automated and are designed to make your team more effective


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Closely linked to management attention and staff effort
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High uptake of screenings and immunisations is guaranteed by evidence-based communication workflows

Practice expenses

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High costs due to ineffective and expensive communication methods (letters and calls)
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Utilises the cheapest digital communication techniques first, keeping practice expenses low

A preventative system better for everybody

Benefits felt from patient to provider
Patient journey

For patients

Our system is built to help patients overcome the common barriers they face when booking a preventative health appointment. By learning directly from our users, we have built targeted digital communication channels that help patients to understand the intervention on offer, whilst making it easy for them to book and attend. Appt is designed to make sure everyone has access to the preventative health appointments they need - using just the phone number they have on record.

GP practice efficiency

For practices

We've spent a long time understanding the needs of primary practice staff so that we can build a solution that fits in with their busy schedules. We automated recall tasks that are time-consuming and repetitive and empower practice staff with the tools they need to add human value everywhere else. Appt Health is designed to help practice management to reduce costs, maximise revenue and remain competitive in a changing healthcare environment.

Improve population health

For populations

Our platform makes preventative healthcare effortless to administer, more likely to be utilised and a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. This means more diseases caught early, more patients treated before it’s too late, and healthier populations. Appt is designed to drive value across all public health programmes, making them more effective and more likely to deliver social value for everyone.


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