Appt Health brings letters to automated workflows

Appt Health have just released patient letters - a new way for organisations to reach more patients and engage them in preventive healthcare.  

Patient letters can be added to existing channels - phone calls and text messaging - that are used as part of an automated patient engagement workflow. They enable organisations to automatically reach more patients than ever before, helping achieve QOF and other targets.  

Created with improving patient accessibility and engagement in mind, letters help organisations reach patients that are digitally excluded. This ensures that those who lack access to phones, or the internet can still access preventive healthcare.

At the cost of ninety pence (£0.90) per letter, adding letters to a organisations automated workflow maximises patient reach and leads to improved patient engagement. This is at a low marginal cost as only patients that haven’t booked by SMS will be sent a letter.  

Book a demo with the Appt Health team today to discover how letters could work for your organisation.

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