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How appthealth helps Primary Care Networks

Hector Smethurst
December 2020
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appthealth is a service that replaces conventional call and recall processes a cheaper and more effective alternative. We help all practices within a PCN to perform better on their targets across the network, reducing variation and engaging hard to reach patients.

Inconsistent call and recall process often means high variation

Call and recall is, too often, highly inconsistent. Not every patient receives the kind of invitation that they need to properly understand and book the appointments that help them stay healthy. Sometimes patients are invited by text when they really need a phone call, and sometimes patients fall through the cracks and aren’t invited at all.

Call and recall processes change from practice to practice, too. Some practices rely heavily on one medium, like SMS or letters, and others only use telephone calls from practice staff. Together, this leads to high levels of variation. Even inside networks, some practices perform well and others struggle, despite serving similar populations.

Coordinating call and recall across your PCN is hard

The Primary Care Network model encourages and rewards cooperation and coordination, with shared budgets and shared staff. But coordinating with so much variation is often impossible. The potential benefits of networked practice are left on the table, and all practices in the network suffer as a result.

appthealth can help PCNs be more successful

appthealth automates and centralises call and recall activity, giving practice and network management a clear view of practice performance whilst ensuring that patients are reached effectively. The service helps individual practices and networks save time, money and hit their targets – benefiting all networked practices and their patients.

Our integration into NHS Digital APIs and GP patient administration systems means that we can book patients into any appointments made available to appthealth in networked practices slots. This means that even closer coordination and cooperation across networks will be possible.

Allowing practice staff to focus on patient care

Coordinating call and recall activity across a network will save individual practice's and their staff time whilst freeing up resources for practice staff to focus on patient care and those who most need a human touch to access the care that will help them stay healthy.

Outcomes based pricing means you only pay for the value you receive

Our outcome-based pricing model means that networks only pay when appthealth provides them with something they value: a booking. We charge a totally transparent, flat fee of £3 per booking, which includes all set up, support and communications costs, meaning that practices know exactly what they are paying for and the value they'll get in return.

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