Appt Healths work on targeted lung health checks

Curo Health Ltd (Curo) is a federation of 27 GP practices in North Kirklees, Yorkshire. Curo has been responsible locally for the Targeted Lung Health Check programme, which is being piloted nationally in 23 areas of England.

To improve the efficiency and overall performance of the Targeted Lung Health Check programme, Curo implemented Appt Health automated patient engagement service. Curo carried out a ‘before and after’ evaluation over the course of twenty-four weeks, comparing the performance of the programme over the twelve-weeks before Appt Healths service was implemented and the twelve-weeks immediately after Appt Health was implemented. Curo found that Appt Healths service had a massively positive impact on the programme, including:

  • Increasing total bookings by 58%
  • Increasing patient uptake by 18 percentage-points
  • Reducing the cost per booking by £1.05

We've written a case study that describes the findings of this evaluation in detail. It also explores some of the additional benefits that Appt and Curo have identified as we have continued to work together post-evaluation.

Want to read the full case study? Email to ask for a PDF copy! 

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