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How appthealth can help your GP practice

Hector Smethurst
December 2020
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appthealth is a service that replaces conventional call and recall processes in primary care with a cheaper and more effective alternative. We help GP practices hit their targets by reaching a greater proportion of eligible patients.

Hitting targets can be hard

We know staff at GP practices are under enormous pressure. They are required to meet the ever-increasing needs of the communities they serve; this demands the provision of a highly accessible service for patients who come to them when something isn’t right. At the same time, they are expected to meet a number of targets around good management and effective preventive and public healthcare. GP administration teams are often stretched too thin – and sometimes call and recall activity is crowded out by the day-to-day challenges of primary care delivery.

These challenges mean that many practices struggle with their targets: they underperform and fall short, or they hit their targets but overspend on staff time and material costs in the process.

Call and recall processes often don’t work

GP practice staff don’t have the tools they need to run effective preventive healthcare campaigns. On a weekly basis, practice managers across the country will check upcoming appointment availability, run a search in the patient administration system for eligible patients, export the patient list, assign task lists to administrative staff *and* prepare target management reports. This is expensive and ineffective.

appthealth will help you to become a more effective practice

GP practice staff play an integral role in getting our collective approach to prevention right. Yet, they lack the necessary tools to help the public engage with their health before it’s too late. This leads to poor health outcomes that disproportionately impacts low-income and minority communities.

appthealth combines accessible digital communications with intelligent automation software to create a better call and recall solution for primary care. We help GP practices hit their targets whilst saving time and money.

Save time, save money, hit targets

appthealth is a better call and recall solution for primary care. We help practices to:

  • Save time -  The process of reaching out to patients and handling calls when they book targeted appointments, costs practices in time. Appthealth safely automates call and recall, so that practice staff time can be focused on those who need it most.
  • Save money - We calculate that typical call and recall processes cost practices over £5 per booking. This cost comes from low booking rates, high material costs and labour-intensive processes. appthealth charges a flat performance fee including all material costs, which creates cost savings for practices of over 40% per booking.
  • Hit targets - Most practices miss out on tens of thousands of pounds in incentives and other benefits from commissioners as a result of underperforming on targets like national enhanced services, QOF and NHS Health Checks. With appthealth you can be confident that you have the tools you need to hit these targets.

Outcomes based pricing means you only pay for the value you receive

Our outcome-based pricing model means that practices only pay when appthealth provides them with something they value: a booking. We charge a totally transparent flat fee of £3 per booking, which includes all set up, support and communications costs, meaning that practices know exactly what they are paying for and the value they'll get in return.

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